Market Assessment and Feasibility Studies

Enermodal Engineering photo

The past few years have seen tremendous growth in energy efficient and sustainable building products and systems. Enermodal applies its experience in the building industry to assess the technical feasibility and market potential of new products. These studies are used by manufacturers, governments, and utilities to determine investment and support strategies.

Enermodal's market assessments comprise three tasks. First is a determination of a product's technical feasibility. That is based on the percentage of the market that is an appropriate application for the product (e.g., climate, building type). The second task is determining the economic viability of a product by comparing the cost to the expected benefit or savings, using detailed simulation models to predict the expected savings. The product cost/benefit is compared with market acceptance curves to determine economic feasibility. The third task is the determination of the  expected market for the product by assessing total market, product technical and economic limitations, and market acceptance. The analysis can take into account fluctuating energy prices, effects of regulations, and environmental incentives.

Enermodal developed this methodology ten years ago and has applied it in studies for the World Bank, Natural Resources Canada, United Nations Environment Program, International Energy Agency, and numerous private sector clients.